Gig Review: Ellen Smith and Charlie Barnes @ Bar 1:22, Huddersfield

I have seen Ellen Smith many times before accompanied by her Escapades and as a band they are brilliant live. On Sunday I headed to the Charlie Barnes album launch in Huddersfield to see how she would do solo. She definitely did not disappoint. She played acoustic versions of many of the Ellen and the Escapades songs, including current single ‘Coming Back Home’ and her voice was flawless. When she plays with her band there is a 70’s folk-rock vibe which wasn’t present in the solo show but instead the set was beautifully relaxed. She is really special, Michael Eavis said ‘Better than Joni Mitchell’ and she definitely has the potential.

The gig was for Charlie Barnes’ album launch and 21st Birthday party and so Charlie Barnes and the Geekks headlined. They weren’t the sort of thing I would normally listen to but his voice is incredible. He did a duet with Ellen in her set of the song ‘Stone Bird’ which showed his voice to be stunning. I am going to be reviewing his album for Leeds Indie Radio so I will post a link when it is published.

Lots more reviews to come including Marina and the Diamonds gig and a Pete Roe EP review.

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  1. Ellie

    Cheers for mentioning that quote from Eavis – never would have found Ellen otherwise! Fab blog.

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