Ones to Watch 2014

Just a quick note to say that I wrote a list of bands and musicians to watch in 2014, over on my new blog, you can view it here. I’d also add BROODS, Tobias Jesso Jr, Hayley Coupon and Tess Parks to that list.  I’ll probably do a records of the year at some point.

I am also occasionally writing about music for Crack in the Road.

Miss you guys!

Happy 2014. Anna x

Here’s a song I have enjoyed this year.

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A Flying Farewell

When I started this blog, I never imagined I would still be writing it three and a half years later. It started off as a bit of fun, a release for all my musical passions, and for all the great bands I listened to who never got noticed. It’s grown into so much more than that, and has become a centre point in my life. Through writing and listening, I have met some incredible people, organised my own events, and had the chance to work on some amazing projects. If I hadn’t started this blog I can safely say that a lot of the cool stuff that has happened to me over the last few years, wouldn’t have happened. More than that though, it has become a complete pleasure to write about and support all the incredible new music coming out of the UK and the rest of the world.

I have always tried to keep my personal life separate from the content of this blog, however, I feel that I cannot just stop writing, some explanation is needed to explain why I am ending Flying with Anna. I’ve spent the last three years living in London, studying, blogging and working in the music industry. However, despite all the things I love about London, I became immensely tired of my life there, and in April, after almost 3 years, I decided to leave. For the past few months I’ve been finishing my degree from home, and preparing for what’s to come. Ending this blog feels like turning the last page of that chapter of my life, and opening a new book.

Today I fly out of the UK to travel the world, and I have no return ticket. I will continue to write, the aspect of music I have loved the most. You can now find me over at One Way to Kathmandu, where I will be writing, photographing, and soundtracking my travels.

Thank you for reading and listening for the last three years. It has brought me so much joy.

A special thanks to: Robin at Breaking More Waves (if you want a new blog to read, I can’t recommend Breaking More Waves enough- also check out Skeletory, Crack in the Road and Just Music that I Like– all excellent), and all the other bloggers who I have met over the last few years, the blogging community has been such a highlight of writing this blog. To all the incredible artists I have had the chance to work with, meet or exchange a few words over the internet, it’s your thanks which have kept me going for so long. To all of my favourite PR people, especially Matt and Ellie at Stay Loose. To everyone who has been involved with the events I have put on, the Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition, and to anyone who has ever read this blog and found some new music to love and cherish.

I will leave you with a song, one which seems appropriate.


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The Colourist- Little Games (Yeasayer Remix)

Everyone knows that summer is all about a really good remix, and The Colourist/Yeasayer have got it spot on.

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Purity Ring- Amenamy (Jon Hopkins Remix)

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Oceaán- Neéd U

Everyone is posting this. That’s because it’s real good. I know nothing about Oceaán except that he/they are from Manchester. Summer vibes all round.

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I Break Horses- Denial

I Break Horses‘ debut Hearts was one of my favourite albums of 2011, and one I still listen to regularly. I am therefore incredibly pleased at the arrival of this new song. Yet another strong electronic track, with elements of dream-wave in Maria Linden’s voice. Perfect!

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Bridie Jackson and the Arbour- Prolong

You probably already know that Bridie Jackson and the Arbour were this years winners of the Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition. They were also my pick in the blogger stages of the competition, so I felt very proud when they won. I went to see them perform their winners slot at Glastonbury in the Acoustic Tent, and they proved to me that they more than deserved their win. A stunning performance from a band made up of incredibly talented musicians.

‘Prolong’ is the next single from the band and is yet again another haunting number, with Bridie’s voice delicately weaving it’s way through the lush string arrangements.

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