Gig Review: Slow Club @ Leeds Cockpit

Last night I went to see Slow Club at Leeds Cockpit. I’ve seen them once before at Glastonbury and I remembered them being really funny and friendly. Last night was brilliant! They are really funny and have such a wonderful comfortable attitude with the audience, more than any other band I’ve been to see. They had lots of problems with theirs equipment, but I think this only increased the intimacy of the performance as they did a few songs stood at the edge of the stage unplugged as well as a song stood in the middle of the audience. They played a few tracks from their 2009 album ‘Yeah So’ and some from past EP’s and also a few new songs. Throughout their quiet songs the audience was wonderful and silent and then they can create a really good energy with their upbeat songs. Their encore was ‘Christmas TV’ which they played at the edge of the audience unplugged. The sing-a-long was incredible, such a brilliant atmosphere.

Their support were a band called Summer Camp who I’ve heard lots of hype about recently but not listened to. They too were brilliant and had such a wonderful stage presence. They make sort of 70’s electro music which doesn’t sound appealing to a folk fan, but it’s really rather good. Both bands are doing lots of festivals and the like around summer so definitely try and catch both of them. I think Summer Camp have a very bright future ahead of them, so definitely ones to watch.

Two more gigs this bank holiday weekend, Ellen of Ellen and the Escapades at the Charlie Barnes Album Launch tonight and Marina and the Diamonds on Monday. So lots more reviews to come! This is Slow Club at Bandstand Busking…


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