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Been Listening #12

I haven’t done a Been Listening post since March, simply because it hasn’t been appropriate to. But now it is, so here is what I’ve been listening to recently.

Beach House- Bloom

I love this record. Really love it. It is a huge grower, so if you haven’t got into it yet, give it time. It isn’t as bright and summery as Teen Dream, but it’s darker, woozier and sounds more mature. The song above is the first song from the record I really fell in love with.

Jessie Ware- 100%

I couldn’t make up my mind about Jessie Ware when she burst onto the scene, I’m still not that into ‘Running’ but this song is great. Her album is due soon and I think it could be interesting. I like her take on pop music.

Berry- Les Passagers

While I was in Holland I went to a record shop in Amsterdam called ‘Concerto’. It was almost definitely the best record shop I have ever been in and they even had Hannah Cohen’s ‘Child Bride’ as a recommended album which made me very happy. This album was another one of their recommended albums which I listened to briefly on the big headphones they have hanging on the wall. It’s very 60’s sounding, very Serge Gainsberg, but maybe that’s just the French thing.

Rae Morris- For You

I recently received a Rae Morris EP in the post. It is made up of three tracks with lush arrangements and an all together crisper sound than her earlier demos. The highlight of the EP is the title track ‘For You’ which is just gorgeous. I can’t find the exact version I want to show you but this is close. You can buy the physical EP here.

Roo Panes- Indigo Home

Roo Panes is becoming quite a regular on this blog. He has just released the song ‘Indigo Home’ as a single on iTunes and I think it is quite simply the best thing he has ever done. The string arrangements, provided by the Langley Sisters are incredible. Go and buy it on iTunes and listen to the acoustic version above.

Erasmo Carlos- Masculino, Feminino

Today I have been listening to a mixtape made by Hannah Cohen of Brazilian music from the 60s and 70s. I have gotten really into it and this is my favourite track at the moment. Listen to the whole thing here.

I hope that pleases you this Sunday eve!

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Roo Panes- Once EP

It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned Roo Panes, although he does seem to be constantly gigging around London and the south of England. He has recently finished his first EP, it’s called Once. It shows off his delightful melody writing and beautiful choices of instrumentation. The last two tracks are my highlights. The title track ‘Once’ is a slow brooding track, his voice sounds rich and strong. ‘Mistral’ is more upbeat with thick swirling melodies and heavy instrumentation.

On the Bandcamp page it states that this EP is ‘Best listened to through headphones looking out of the window with a cup of tea’ and I couldn’t agree more.

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New Music 22

After a short break at various festivals I am back and I’ve got lots of exciting things coming your way very shortly. I’m gonna start with a regular post of some new music I’ve been listening to. Enjoy!

While I was away the Mercury Prize nominations were announced. I don’t think the list is as strong as last year but I am really happy that Anna Calvi has been nominated with her wonderful self-titled album. It has also brought my attention to the album by King Creosote and Jon Hopkins which I am rather liking at the moment. This is Bubble from the album Diamond Mine.

BalconyTV make lots of nice music videos with great bands on balconies across the world. Back in 2008 they introduced me to Mumford and Sons and they now have a massive collection of wonderful videos. This is a new one of theirs and its Nathaniel Rateliff, and some new material from him. I love Nathaniel’s music, his voice is incredibly soothing to listen to.

Roo Panes was my New Treat long ago and he has since played a gig I have put on and is in general catching more and more attention. And rightly so, his music is stunning. He will be releasing an EP soon and I think this song will be from it, its called I’ll Move Mountains.

I mentioned Bella Spinks a while ago, she has just made a rather beautiful video for her song ‘Words’. She gigs quite a lot in London and I can’t wait to check one out.

I can’t quite remember how I came across the Amazing Broken Man, but he’s stolen my heart anyway. Simply beautiful star-gazing music.

Bella Union signing Jonathan Wilson releases his debut album ‘Gentle Spirit’ on Monday. It’s definitely worth a listen, stunning. You can hear the whole album on Soundcloud but this is the last track on the album ‘Rolling Universe’.

And in case you haven’t already heard, Laura Marling has released a new song ‘Sophia’ to be taken off her new album out on September 12th. Its going to be such a stunning set of songs, cannot wait. This is Sophia, just incase you haven’t already heard it.

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Gig Review: Lazy Sunday with Stokes William, Roo Panes and Georgia Bruce @ Roundhouse

Ok, so this is an extremely biased review as I programmed and helped organise the evening but it was too good not to write about! I would first like to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who came along, it was a splendid evening and we sold out which I was so pleased about!

The three bands we had playing were Georgia Bruce, Roo Panes and Stokes William. Georgia Bruce first caught my ears when I reviewed her for the New Bands Panal on For Folk’s Sake. I was really taken back by her voice and maturity of songwriting for someone only 16. I featured her as my New Treat back in May and it was a great pleasure to ask her to play the night. She was absolutely stunning. Her early songs are quite new folk but I can see she is influenced by country music and that is reflected in some of the newer stuff, she also played a Dolly Parton cover which suited her voice wonderfully. The audience was completely silent, everyone so impressed which was fantastic and she really deserved it. She has got a great great future ahead of her.

Next up was Roo Panes who was also a New Treat of mine back in November. I first saw him support Stokes, William in the Troubadour, which is a great venue, last October and was blown away. His songwriting is really really good, and it was his melodies and songwriting which first caught my attention. Last time I saw him he played with a few members of Stokes William but this time he had his own band, a really great band too with a stunning string trio which fitted his voice perfectly. His set was beautiful, just perfect. He is playing Camden Proud on March 26th and I strongly recommend going along.

Stokes, William headlined the gig. I first heard about them as their song Zion was a clear highlight of the Communion record. After seeing them live at the Troubadour I simply fell in love with their sound and so jumped at the chance to get them to play the Roundhouse. They hadn’t played a gig since before Christmas before this gig so this was their big London come-back and boy did they make a come-back! They played better than I have ever seen them before. Some of their songs had a heavier, almost Arcade Fire feel about them, but still keeping the great folky spirit. The stage presence they have is brilliant, especially frontman Will, they can really get a crowd going. The audience wasn’t as good as in the Troubadour, where everyone was dancing like crazy, but they were very attentive and by the end everyone was really into it. A truly talented band and one which I’m sure one day will be filling much bigger venues. They are playing Camden Proud on March 24th and the Half Moon in Putney on April 13th.

The night was brilliant. All three bands feel so exciting and like they could all do such brilliant things with their talent and it was a great opportunity to showcase that talent. Folk music is definitely having a serge of popularity at the moment and with young bands like this appearing, it shows no signs of dying down. The future of music looks bright!

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Lazy Sunday is Today!

Hello! Lazy Sunday, the gig I have helped organise is today! Come down to the Roundhouse and see three great bands perform for only £7!

Doors are at 7pm and tickets will be available on the door! Georgia Bruce is on at 7:30 so come down early! The fantastic Roo Panes and Stokes, William will also be performing. Hope to see you all there!

Heres a great little video of our headline band, Stokes, William to get you all in the mood!

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Come to my gig!

Me and lots of people from my uni course are putting on a gig at the Camden Roundhouse. Its going to be jolly good and the line-up features some of my very favourite bands so do come along!

The lovely flyer was designed by Anika in London. Headlining the event is Stokes, William, I have raved quite a lot about how brilliant they are live, and they really really are. So much energy and talent and I am delighted they are headlining. We also have Roo Panes, who was my New Treat a while back, read it here and watch this lovely video.

We also have Georgia Bruce who was also a new treat, read it here, and someone who I think has a very very bright future ahead of her. This is a brilliant opportunity to come and see three potential stars of the future in a great and intimate venue.

Join the Facebook event and buy your tickets now from the Roundhouse website, only £7. Buy! Buy! Buy!

Hope to see you there!

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New Music 14

Not done one of these since before Christmas! Too long, so I hope some of this lovely stuff makes up for it! First, Noah and the Whale are back and better than ever in my opinion. A few of the songs are floating round YouTube and the best one is this one, L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.

Rachel Sermanni is one of the artists being pushed by Communion at the moment. When she appeared on the compilation back in April I didn’t think she stood out but after giving her a second listen, I think I have fallen in love with her melodies and sweet voice. This song is called ‘Song for a Fox’ and I also recommend you to check out ‘My Friend Fire’.

Roo Panes was my new treat a while ago and since then I am forever going back and listening to his lovely songs. A few new ones have appeared recently, you can have a listen here. I recommend ‘Thoughts for an absent friend’.

I found this lovely song a while back, perfect and summery. Its a very nice video too.

Got a copy of the new Marcus Foster EP yesterday. It is rather good, he is very very talented. I will write a review of it in the next few days with details of when it is going to be released. But until then, enjoy this, the second track called Tumble Down.

Bat For Lashes is one of my all time favourite artists. She’s had a bit of a break since her 2009 album ‘Two Suns’ and I am hoping she will return in 2011. I found this song the other day, its old but stunningly beautiful.

I like this band a lot. This song is wonderfully catchy and has a lovely summery, 60’s feel about it. Can easily see this becoming the soundtrack to the summer.

And lastly, Laura Marling. Yes, I know I write about her way too much, but this is a brand new song and I think it might be one of her best yet.

Coming soon- Marcus Foster review, brand new Festival News feature, New Treats, lots of New Bands and the best of some of the Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition entries!

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