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Been Listening #2

Jonathan Wilson- Gentle Spirit

This is one record which I only briefly listend to when it was released. After reading an article about him in Uncut magazine, I decided to listen more closely. It takes time to grow on you, but it is an incredible record, I think he has filled a gap in music which people have been searching for since the early 70’s. It mixes influences of Crosby, Stills and Nash, Pink Floyd and Elliot Smith. I highly recommend spending some time to love this album.

Taylor Swift- Safe & Sound

My sisters is a huge fan of this lady and played me this song over Christmas. I don’t mind most of her music, but I never thought I’d be blogging about her. That’s until this song came along. Written for the Hunger Games and featuring The Civil Wars. Press play with an open mind.

Billie Holiday- Lover Man

I am currently reading Jack Keroac’s On the Road. This song was mentioned in the book and it wasn’t previously a Billie Holiday song that I was familiar with. I found a Billie Holiday record with this song on it in a charity shop just before Christmas and it is gorgeous. Her voice is so harrowing. It of course, sounds even better on vinyl.

Cat Power- Maybe Not

I think Cat Power has one of my favourite voices of recent years. She constantly sounds heartbroken, like sadness leaks out of her. I have been listening to ‘You Are Free’ a lot recently. It’s probably her most delicate albums. This is from that album, its one of my favourite Cat Power songs.

Simone Felice- New York Times (free download)

Simone Felice was a member of The Felice Brothers, who I have never actually took time to listen to. But he is now releasing a debut solo record, recorded with a little help from Mumford & Sons. This song is really beautiful, and reminds me of some R.E.M. stuff.

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New Music 22

After a short break at various festivals I am back and I’ve got lots of exciting things coming your way very shortly. I’m gonna start with a regular post of some new music I’ve been listening to. Enjoy!

While I was away the Mercury Prize nominations were announced. I don’t think the list is as strong as last year but I am really happy that Anna Calvi has been nominated with her wonderful self-titled album. It has also brought my attention to the album by King Creosote and Jon Hopkins which I am rather liking at the moment. This is Bubble from the album Diamond Mine.

BalconyTV make lots of nice music videos with great bands on balconies across the world. Back in 2008 they introduced me to Mumford and Sons and they now have a massive collection of wonderful videos. This is a new one of theirs and its Nathaniel Rateliff, and some new material from him. I love Nathaniel’s music, his voice is incredibly soothing to listen to.

Roo Panes was my New Treat long ago and he has since played a gig I have put on and is in general catching more and more attention. And rightly so, his music is stunning. He will be releasing an EP soon and I think this song will be from it, its called I’ll Move Mountains.

I mentioned Bella Spinks a while ago, she has just made a rather beautiful video for her song ‘Words’. She gigs quite a lot in London and I can’t wait to check one out.

I can’t quite remember how I came across the Amazing Broken Man, but he’s stolen my heart anyway. Simply beautiful star-gazing music.

Bella Union signing Jonathan Wilson releases his debut album ‘Gentle Spirit’ on Monday. It’s definitely worth a listen, stunning. You can hear the whole album on Soundcloud but this is the last track on the album ‘Rolling Universe’.

And in case you haven’t already heard, Laura Marling has released a new song ‘Sophia’ to be taken off her new album out on September 12th. Its going to be such a stunning set of songs, cannot wait. This is Sophia, just incase you haven’t already heard it.

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