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I Break Horses- Denial

I Break Horses‘ debut Hearts was one of my favourite albums of 2011, and one I still listen to regularly. I am therefore incredibly pleased at the arrival of this new song. Yet another strong electronic track, with elements of dream-wave in Maria Linden’s voice. Perfect!


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Albums of 2011: No. 20-16

Writing Albums of the Year lists is always a tricky one. It’s also one of my favourite tasks.

Unlike writers of major music magazines, I have not listened to every album released this year. Not even close. I can’t afford to buy heaps of CD’s, and go through each one and assess which is the best album. This list comes from recommendations, artists I have loved for a while and things I happen to stumble across, but most importantly, things that I have come to love this year.

Last year I did 10 albums, the year before I only did 5. I decided to increase this to 20, mostly because I felt there was too many great albums that deserved a mention, and also because I really like writing about things that I really like. It would make more sense if this was called ‘Anna’s Favourite albums of 2011’, but anyway, I hope you enjoy!

20. Mechanical Bride- Living with Ants

This album was a long time coming for 25-year-old Lauren Doss who had been on many bloggers radars since 2008. For me, she did not disappoint. This album is delicate, creative and possess a gorgeous stillness which is so difficult to master consistently through an album.

Standout Tracks: Magpie, Peach Wolves and Colour of Fire

19. I Break Horses- Hearts

I Break Horses is something which I fell in love with without realising so. I received this album from Bella Union and from the first play got drawn into the hypnotic beats and Maria Linden’s voice. Like a lot of music in 2011, this album was 80’s influenced, from a boy-girl duo, who are from Sweden. But I Break Horses do the 2011 thing better than most.

Standout Tracks: Winter Beats, Empty Bottles and Hearts

18. Ben Howard- Every Kingdom

This album didn’t get particularly amazing reviews, although good mainstream success, I think this is because there isn’t anything groundbreaking or new about it. But there is something so beautiful and so special about the sound of Ben Howard. I listen to this album a lot on the tubes and just walking around London and it slows everything down and if you close your eyes, you could imagine your in the Cornwall countryside. I think 2012 will also be a big year for him.

Standout Tracks: Only Love, Black Flies and Keep Your Head Up

17. Youth Lagoon- The Year of Hibernation

This album was recorded after 22-year-old Trevor Powers a.k.a. Youth Lagoon had his heart broken after a 4 year relationship and what he described as a year of hibernation which followed. Its dreamy and heartfelt built with gorgeous melodies and hazy lo-fi instrumentation. Over the last year its become a bit of a treasure of the underground and rightly so, a stunning listen.

Standout Tracks: Cannons, Montana, and 17

16. White Denim- D

This is White Denim’s fourth album, but the first one I have ever listened to. The psychedelic sounds and super catchy melodies are killer. It’s hypnotic and creative while being fun and the sort of thing you can dance to. I also love his voice.

Standout Tracks: Is and Is and Is, Drug and At the Farm

Numbers 15-11 are coming on the 4th!


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New Music 23

Feist has released a new song, the first single to be taken from the first album in 4 years, entitled Metals. I was a massive fan of The Reminder, released in 2007 and I don’t think I am going to be disappointed with her forth release either. ‘Metals’ is due October 4th and she also plays a date at London Palladium on October 17th. Listen to this gem from it, ‘How Come You Never Go There’.

My last New Treat was the magnificent Shura. I am totally in love with her sound and cannot wait until the EP release. A second track has been released with this lovely video, the song is called Fortunes Fool.

Birdy continues to melt my heart with this demo version of her own song, Without a Word. She is currently recording in LA. I hope it results in an album and I hope its as stunning as this song is.

This weekend I went to the Wilderness festival in Oxfordshire, which was lovely. On the Friday night I saw Rachael Dadd for the first time in the London Folk Guild Tent. She was wonderful, exceeded my expectations. She plays a lot around London, so definitely check her out. Last Monday she released a new album called ‘Bite the Mountain’. This song is from that album, its called Tower Tower.

I am currently listening lots to the the debut album by I Break Horses, which is released on Bella Union on Monday. Its called Hearts and is a gloomy, dreamy combination of pop and electro sounds. Think Beach House on a dark dreary day. This song is taken from the album and is called ‘Winter Beats’ and you can grab it as a free download.

A new Lana Del Rey song has been released online. Its pretty chilled, and not as good as Video Games, but I still don’t feel disappointed. I can’t wait to see what she goes on to do, I think she has the potential to be massive.

Last but not least, another artist I saw at Wilderness festival, the stunning Antony and the Johnsons. Antony headlined the Sunday night of the festival and played with The Heritage Orchestra. It was such a beautiful moment, his voice is flawless and I throughly enjoyed his feminist rants in between songs. This is the first song he played, taken from the new album, its the title track from the album, called Swanlights. After he played with this song it really stuck with me, the melodies are stunning.

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New Bands 6

Bella Spinks

First for some of the gorgeous sounds of Bella Spinks. Some of her music is very Regina Spector ish but some has a much more folky backbone, like this track ‘Words’. She has already played a couple of Communion nights and you can catch her at The Windmill tomorrow night.

Matthew P

Sunshine music from a young champ with a Willy Mason voice and great pop songwriting. This video is super cute!

Hiss Golden Messenger

I like this, the songwriting is really 60’s ish. His voice is great too.

I Break Horses

A new Bella Union signing, and very ethereal sounding.

Real Fur

I mentioned this band in my Great Escape review, they have a lovely tropical sound. Possibly better live than on record, but this song is still good.


This band are from Nashville and sound a bit like Fleet Foxes and a bit like Grizzly Bear, their album Syzygy is available to stream on Soundcloud at the moment. This is the first track from the album.

The Joker and the Thief

One of the bands who appear on the Strummerville Compilation, and will be playing round the campfire at some point over the Glastonbury weekend. Wonderful jazzy rock and rolly folky stuff.

Christopher Paul Stelling

Dreamy acoustic music, download his Daytrotter session here. Really beautiful stuff!

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