Record Club: Emma Louise – VS Head VS Heart

Anyone who has heard this album is probably not surprised that I really like it. It’s got a number of musical aspects which I regularly write about. Heavenly vocals, ethereal  minimal electronics and subtle but brilliant songwriting. The whole record is soft and understated, the production is outstanding, it feels like a complete body of work which I love in a record and feel is very important. You can tell that the whole thing has been incredibly well crafted, time has been taken with every sound, every beat, every lyric.

Emma Louise has been on my radar for a while now, her track ‘Jungle‘ caught a lot of attention, but surprisingly, and maybe quite sensibly, she’s chosen to miss it off the album. Instead replacing it for tracks like ‘Atlas Eyes’, ‘Boy’ and ‘Freedom’, which still contain that pop sensibility in the songwriting, but also fit in with the calm, dreamy texture of the rest of the record.

The overall emotion of the record manages to be sad and reflective while also remaining light and beautiful. Ballad ‘Stainache’ is one of the highlights, while tracks like opener ’17 Hours’, ‘Braces’ and ‘To Keep Me Warm’ add to the overall shape of the record. It feels so whole, so well thought through, which is something I often feel is missing from modern records.

This may just be my favourite record of the year so far, it’s certainly the only one I have played repeatedly.

The record is released on 22nd March in Australia and I have no idea when it is released in the UK, but I shall be getting a copy shipping over from down under. You can order a physical copy here, and for those of you lucky enough to be in sunny Australia, it is also available on iTunes.


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