Record Club: Rhye- Woman

When I first heard the track ‘Open’ by Rhye, I think I fell a little in love. The lush strings which open the track make way for the sexy, smooth and helplessly gorgeous song, and with every new verse, I continue to melt. Could they ever top that song? Could they make an album full of songs as great as ‘Open’, and also the incredible second single ‘The Fall’? Well, no they haven’t, ‘Open’ and ‘The Fall’, which are the first two tracks on the record are also the best two, but that doesn’t mean that this isn’t a good album.

The rest of the Rhye record takes on more of an electronic-pop sound. The songs are still gorgeous and catchy, but just not quite as head-over-heels gorgeous as ‘Open’. ‘Last Dance’ and ‘3 Days’ are particularly single worthy, while some of the other tracks add an artistic edge. ‘One of those Summer Days’ sounds as dreamy and lazy as a hot summer day. The experimental jazz-like instrumentation is subtle and strange but gives the track that perfect mood which the lyrics describe. ‘Major Minor Love’ shows off Milosh’s vocal tones, while final track ‘Woman’ heads back to the orchestral realms of ‘Open’ and is probably my favourite track after the first two.

This record is not the commercial, pop record you might have expected from the hype around Rhye, but it’s completely original and understated. It’s also definitely a grower, so give it the time it deserves.

Woman is out now, you can buy it from iTunes or Rough Trade.


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