Glastonbury ETC 2013: The Longlist (a very vague listen)

On Tuesday the Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition Longlist was announced. It consists of 120 artists, filtered down from 8000 entrees, by 40 UK music bloggers, including myself.

Unfortunately I don’t have the time to go through and listen to every artist in detail, but Glastonbury have put a Soundcloud playlist of around 70 of those artists, which makes it easy to go through and listen to around 5-10 seconds of each song. There was also quite a few names I recognized.

So this is a very vague and inconclusive list of some of the best of the longlist. It is likely that the actual list, which will be chosen by Michael and Emily Eavis among other Glastonbury stage programmers, will feature less electronic artists and they only choose 8, I picked 10. We should find out the short list sometime later this week.

You can view the whole longlist here.

Josef Salvat


Mt. Wolf

Avec Sans



Port Isla

North Bay


Blank Maps

My three artists were Bridie Jackson, Farao and The Bronze Medal. 

Here once again is the gorgeous Bridie Jackson…


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