Record Club: Marika Hackman- That Iron Taste

I’ve given lots of hints on this blog and also in my Twitter feed that I really, really like this record. Now it is time to declare my full love for the mini album, ‘That Iron Taste’ is probably my favourite record of the year so far. Marika Hackman was one of my Ones to Watch for 2013, and unfortunately failed to make it onto many other peoples lists. However, I was adamant that she was something very special and with the release of this EP, I would like to think that I was right.

The record at only 7 tracks long, is a taster of Marika’s talents. Produced part by Charlie Andrew (Alt-J) and part by Johnny Flynn, she’s been in good hands in the making. The production is exquisite and shows how interesting you can make singer-songwriters sound if you put a bit of effort in. It seems like every single female singer-songwriter out there is compared to Laura Marling, and I am pleased to say that you can’t do that with Marika Hackman, her sound is her own.

Opening track Bath is Black sets the tone for what is not a conventional record. The unusual percussive sounds contrast wonderfully with Marika’s mellow voice. Mountain Spires and You Come Down have previously been released as a 7″ single, and these are the two tracks produced by Johnny Flynn and so naturally are more folky in there composition but still encompass that signature songwriting of Marika, both dark, dreary and quirky in it’s own way.

Cannibal is the highlight of the record, it’s the best written song and least obscure sounding. If you hear any of this on the radio, it’s likely to be this song. I do have a secret love for Retina Television though, which was recorded completely using sounds of Marika’s voice and body. It sounds like nothing else you’ve ever heard and the beauty of the song adds a softness to the record, which in places has a industrial sounding edge.

This is an interesting, exciting and daring record from such a young singer songwriter. It shows incredible natural creativity and talent and I am very intrigued to see what she will do next.

‘That Iron Taste’ is released today on Dirty Hit, click here to download if from iTunes.


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