Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition: A Few Favourites

This year I am once again a judge in the Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition. In short, this involves me listening to around 200 artists and choosing my favourite three, who then go into a long list to be sorted through my some of the people who programme the music line-up at Glastonbury. I have already been through my list and have found five artists who I think are all very good.

Please note that just because an artist is listed here, it does not mean that they are through to the long list.

Bridie Jackson & The Arbour

Hailing from Newcastle, Bridie Jackson was the first band on my list to make me very excited. Her music sits somewhere between the mellow jazz of Norah Jones and the strangeness of Joanna Newsom but it’s the lush arrangements that get me the most. They melt your ears, the melodies circling your mind.

The Bronze Medal

I’ve actually seen The Bronze Medal live before, when I was working at Barn on the Farm they performed on the stage I was working on. Their beautifully subtle music builds from gentle folk to explosive sound. Fans of Mumford & Sons, Dry the River and Arcade Fire will probably like this.


Feldspar is the project of London based Will Green. The band create music which has wide popular appeal. It’s simple, catchy and accessible. The band have already released several EP’s and have lots of professional looking videos which you can view here.


You might not recognise the name Farao but you will recognise the name Like Spinning, the project of Kari Jahnsen who I have been supporting on the blog for ages and also had play at my summer showcases in August. Kari has ended Like Spinning and is now known as Farao. She is currently recording her debut EP with Mike Lindsey from Tunng in Iceland. But for now, we still have the gorgeous Forces to listen to.

Gaze is Ghost

Gaze is Ghost is Laura McGarrigle, a Irish singer-songwriter who currently lives in a convent in Paris (for monetary reasons she assures us). Her music is delicate folk-jazz. Lush and heavenly in places and quirky and experimental in others. The track below, ‘Invisible Cities’ melts my heart. She has already self-released a record, Plume, which you can listen to and download from her Bandcamp page.


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