New Treat #154: Merchandise

Almost everything I read about Merchandise begins with calling them a ‘punk band’. Don’t let that put you off, because they actually sound a bit like The Smiths, but fuzzier, and slightly less assured in their sound.

Last year they released an EP called ‘Children of Desire’, a mixture of experimentalism and melodic pop songs. They have self-released a whole heap of EP’s over the last few years, all available for free on their website. It seems they have been experimenting with their sound, and this latest record, is the most whole sounding, and one of the most beautiful and euphoric records I have heard in a while. If you remember me harping on about Liza Thorn’s new band STARRED‘s EP ‘Prison to Prison’, there seems to be some correlation between that record and ‘Children of Desire’. Both are clearly experiments, both seem to be coming from a band developing their sound, creating their own genre and showing heaps and heaps of potential.

My favourite track from ‘Children of Desire’ is ‘Satellite’, the ballad of the EP which sees singer Carson Cox romantically repeat the line No you’ll never escape my mind to a building piano line. ‘Become What You Are’ at almost 11 minutes long still manages to be a well formed pop song and lyrically I find myself hanging on to every word.

The band are from Tampa in Florida and are currently unsigned. You can download their whole back catalogue for free here.


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