Mmoths- All These Things (feat. Holly Miranda)

This is nice…



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7 responses to “Mmoths- All These Things (feat. Holly Miranda)

  1. Simonas

    Anna, I love your blog, A LOT. Reading and listening to it for a while now. There is one thing, though… I have a feeling you prefer to talk about musicians that are women and it kinda makes me think that you pass up on some good music. Would you agree?

    Please don’t be offended, I’ve heard so much good stuff for the first time from here. And I really feel your taste on music, but that thing in my mind, that you sometimes “discriminate” men makes me feel like I should find another similar blog, so I wouldn’t miss on some male based bands or just male singers.

    In any case, I’m a true fan of what you are doing here.

    Greetings from Lithuania

    • flyingwithanna

      Hi Simonas,
      Thanks for the comment! First i’d like to say that I am very glad you enjoy the blog, and that you read it a lot. It means a lot to have readers from all over the world!

      I am not offended at all, I think it is a perfectly good point to make and I have thought a lot about how to answer your question so here goes…

      Generally I wouldn’t say that I particularly like women musicians more than men, I am a huge fan of Nick Drake, Jeff Buckley, The Beatles, Bon Iver to name a few! But I think, in my personal opinion, women are doing more exciting things in music at the moment. Especially in the UK there has been a rise in recent years of interesting, talented front women in bands, look at Florence & the Machine, Bat for Lashes, Laura Marling, and also new artists which I have been recently blogging about such as Wolf Alice, Haim, G3nesis and Marika Hackman. I think in a lot of genres, women are really setting the bar for music, which is great to see as in the past, music has been male dominated. Also if you glance at lists like the BBC Sound of 2013 and the BRIT Critic’s Choice award, they have both strongly favoured female winners over the last few years. It’s not just me!

      So that is definitely the main reason. However, as a women myself, I do tend to relate more to female artists lyrically, which probably explains my infinite love for Joni Mitchell and Laura Marling and I do also slightly prefer the female vocal. If you look at some of my other favourite blogs though, such as Breaking More Waves and Just Music That I like, they also tend to write predominately about female artists, although they are run my men!

      If you are looking for some new and interesting male artists I urge you to look back at some of my previous posts and check out the music of Tom Odell, FLUME, Gross Magic, Gambles, Christopher Owens, or indeed Mmoths, this post you commented on. All are doing interesting and creative stuff in different genres.

      I hope that answers your question! I hope you continue to enjoy the blog, and find more artists (male and female!) that you enjoy listening to.

      Anna x

      • Simonas

        Indeed, you’ve answered it! I guess my paranoia is over now and I can just enjoy the music. Great job you’re doing here.

        Thanks alot

  2. edie4me

    I tend to like women singers better too, but let’s face it, this is totally subjective. There is no accounting for taste, as the saying goes. “Exciting”, “setting the bar”, etc… these are purely subjective judgments based on taste alone. You could just say “I write about what I like” and leave it at that. Or better yet, just post the music without telling us what to think about it. One of my favorite blogs is a Japanese one, in part because I can’t read Japanese.

    • Simonas

      You are very right. Loved the part about Japanese blog – LOL. My paranoia was, that Anna would think like this “Those guys are cool, but I better put this girl in, cause she is a girl.”

      Anyways, that was just dumb of me.

  3. Simonas

    I’d like to share the thing that got me stuck over here. It was Hannah Cohen album review. I’ve heard her song “the crying game” before stumbling upon her here, she was kinda out of my mind by then (which was one of the biggest mistakes in my life). Your insights made me get the album and that discovery just blew my mind, I’m just in love with it even almost a year after.

    I’m always in debt to you for this, again thanks a lot!

  4. flyingwithanna

    I am so glad you like the Hannah Cohen record Simonas! I feel a bit like I have been preaching about that record through this site but I love it so much and I thought it was a shame it wasn’t recognised as a great record by the mainstream media so I’ve been spreading the love wherever I can.

    Hopefully I’ll find a similarly amazing record this year!

    Thanks again for your comment, and Edie4me for your response, it’s definitely something to think about!

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