New Treat #151: G3NESIS

I was going to write about Wanderhouse but then I found this and decided it was much more interesting. I can’t decide if this is really bad or genius  Whatever it is, it’s completely addictive. And I don’t even like rap 99% of the time.

I discovered the duo from the Crack in the Road blog, who also could not decide if it was good or bad. They even commented that it might be a huge VICE hoax. They do sound like something that VICE would like, a mixture of some of 2012’s most hyped bands, most notably Kitty Pryde and Grimes. But it’s also so unique that when you first hear it, it almost feels a bit alien. But it grows and grows on you, until you’re completely hooked.

G3NESIS is made up of Kelin Kaardal and Genesis Mohanraj, both from Vancouver. They only set their Facebook page up on January 22nd but already have a pretty snazzy video and a bunch of professional recordings on their Soundcloud page. This is undoubtedly one of those love it or hate it things. I haven’t decided.


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