Record Club: Christopher Owens- Lysandre

Welcome to a new Flying with Anna feature, my Record Club. It’s pretty simple really, I will be posting semi-reviews about new records I like (I’m too lazy to write proper album reviews so this is a sort of compromise). I’ll post some tracks from the record and then you can go away and listen to it. All the albums will be recently released or about to be released (depending on how ahead of the game I am). It’s not really a ‘club’ as I’m the only member, but if you do want to join in head to my Twitter or Facebook or Comment below. It’ll be nice.

So here is Numero Uno of my Record Club, Mr. Christopher Owens.

When Christopher announced he was leaving Girls I was pretty heartbroken. They produced 2 incredible full-lengths and a rather good EP. It seemed like they were onto something rather iconic, and for them to end so suddenly was a shock to the world of alternative music. But alas, it wasn’t long before frontman and songwriter Christopher Owens was back on the scene with a solo record, Lysandre, which was released last week.

My reaction to the record is mixed. I love bits of it, and hate others. The flute drives me insane after a while, I don’t understand the purpose of ‘Rivera Rock’ and it needs more electric guitar. But what’s undeniable is the great songwriting. You cannot fault the record on that. The result is something that you enjoy but can’t listen to more than once a day.

A nice interlude between Girls and what’s to come. But please Christopher, burn the flute, pick up that electric guitar and make another groundbreaking record.

Favourite tracks: A Broken Heart, Here we Go Again.

Lucky for you, you can stream the whole record over on The Line of Best Fit. You can also purchase it from Rough Trade Records.


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