New Treat #147: Sophie Jamieson

Sophie Jamieson is someone I have been aware of for a while now. I first posted a track of hers back in October, the exquisite Dinah, and I’ve been watching her ever since. She seems to be really growing as an artist, every new song I hear is better than the last. Her sound is developing to be richer and the arrangements just get more beautiful. Sophie is clearly an incredibly natural melody writer and her storytelling is often haunting and filled with sadness. On her Facebook profile she describes herself as ‘Another singer-songwriter’ but she’s becoming anything but, she’s becoming one of those rare and very special songwriters. Remember Elena Tonra before she become Daughter? Some part of that resonates which Sophie Jamieson.

My favourite song is still Dinah, the melodies are so heartbreaking, but new tracks ‘Glass’, ‘Waterloo’ and ‘The Weight Comes’ show incredible promise for what’s to come. She has recently signed to Folkroom records and will be releasing her debut EP with them sometime this year.



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3 responses to “New Treat #147: Sophie Jamieson

  1. Sophie Jamieson, definitely one to watch. A lovely, clean almost personal sound, so refreshing to hear.

  2. Greg Snowdon

    I’ve seen her live a few times now and she is incredible. Can’t wait to hear the EP!

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