New Treat #146: Handbook

Happy New Year! I’ve got shit loads of essays to do and am definitely not enjoying this weather. So, to counteract that, my first post of the year will be something I would describe as ‘Sunshine Music’. This is music that makes you feel alive, and there is no better place to listen to it than in the sun on a beautiful beach in some incredible part of the world. Unfortunately, I’m not that blessed at the moment but we can pretend can’t we?

Handbook is the world of Jake Brown, a producer from York and Soundcloud extraordinaire (he’s got over 17,000 fans). He’s been around, self-releasing stuff until 2010 and listening to the progression of his stuff, he just keeps getting better and better. Fans of Bonobo, Moby, Flying Lotus etc. might be into this. He blends beats, lush instrumentation, soul and hip-hop. My favorite of his tracks (Sunrising, Gotta Be) are set to be released on a EP/album called ‘Titanomachy’ which is out on the 7th Jan. Also check out his Bandcamp page for a huge amount of releases from the past 2 years.



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2 responses to “New Treat #146: Handbook

  1. OH MYY!!!!! This music is unreal goooood!!!! Reminds me a little of Starslinger. Thanks so much for the share / heads up on Handbook!!

  2. michael

    gramatik much?

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