Ones to Watch 2013 #11: STARRED

I only discovered STARRED  a few weeks ago but have been insanely in love with their EP ‘Prison to Prison’ ever since. I’m very excited about this band. I think they’ve got heaps of potential to make a truly great record. These songs are never going to please everyone, they are never going to enter the charts, but they might just do something exciting, different and beautiful.

‘Prison to Prison’ is a beautifully raw first effort from the band, which sees Liza Thorn slide from gentle melancholy country-folk tunes to Courtney Love- inspired screeching vocals, forever keeping the passion in her voice. The songs are so delicate and structurally sound like they pour out of the band, with no thought for choruses or hooks. But this is what makes them great, and this is what keeps you constantly engaged and enthralled by the EP.

I am desperate to hear more from this band, and I hope next year we do.


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