Ones to Watch 2013 #7: Sky Ferreira

Like yesterday’s Ones to Watch Solange, Sky Ferreira has had a bit of a musical makeover recently. And like Solange, that is thanks to one man, Dev Hynes who wrote both Solange’s ‘Losing You’ and Sky Ferreira’s ‘Everything is Embarrassing’ two of the best songs of the year.

Both artists, I think, could have very strong years next year. Solange is rocking the 80’s RnB vibe and Sky is doing something all together different. I think she is yet to find her sound, her debut EP ‘Ghost’ is a bit all over the place genre wise (it’s still actually very good). From dishevelled pop track ‘Everything’s Embarrassing’ to the folk-country ‘Sad Dream’ (my faveeeee) and ‘Ghost’ to the electronic based ‘Lost In My Bedroom’.

What is undeniable  is that she has the potential to do something very interesting with pop music.


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