Ones to Watch 2013 #5: MØ

first appeared on this blog back in May. Since then, there is now another M.O. on the scene and also a NO. This is all very confusing. But I want to make it clear that I am not talking about a band who sound like Rihanna x3 or a 5-piece rock band from LA. I am talking about MØ (although bad luck to all three of them for having crap names).

MØ is Karen Marie Ørsted, a Danish singer and songwriter who creates music which is as Scandinavian as Lykke Li and as hip as Grimes. ‘Maiden’ is one of the best songs I heard all year and the follow up ‘Pilgrim’ is also awesome. She’s still unsigned but any A&R with half a brain will be onto this in no time.


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