Ones to Watch 2013 #3: Rhye

When I first heard the track ‘Open’ by Rhye, my mind was blown. Here is a band which manage to do something completely new, something that sounds like nothing else, yet still make it current. ‘Open’ is sexy, smooth and addictive. Then comes their follow up song ‘The Fall’, yet again, another beauty. At first the band were pretty mysterious, but after an interview with pitchfork, their secret was out. Rhye is made up of Toronto’s singer and producer Mike Milosh (yes, that voice, that is not a woman, it is in fact a guy) and Danish Robin Hannibal, they both now live in LA.

The band are now signed to Polydor and will release their debut record sometime next year. I think they could do very well. If we think back to 2008 when The XX burst onto the scene, it was new and unknown territory, something no one had ever heard before in a mainstream context. But they broke boundaries and created a debut record so good it was able to cross over onto Radio 1 prime time. Could Rhye do that in 2013?


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