Albums of 2012 #2: Grimes- Visions

This year has been the year of Grimes. Not only did she make my #2 album of the year, but she is also my favourite gig (Bestival, 1am) of the year and one of my favourite songs (Oblivion). This album has reshaped the way I think about dance music, with every layer of sound it becomes more interesting, more innovative and the whole record has it’s own Grimes soundscape. This is a record which can be listened to on headphones, but also works incredibly well live.

Grimes is also such an interesting character, I have watched countless interviews of her to attempt to get inside the head of someone who can create something so unique, but she seems to be one of a kind, living on her own planet. You can rarely tell what she’s saying on this record, but it’s not about the lyrics, it’s about the layers of sound she creates so well. Grimes has set the standard for electronic music pretty high, will anyone in 2013 be able to compete?

I highly urge you to buy this album, to see her live and absorb every bit of Grimes you can.


Best tracks: Oblivion, Genesis, Be A Body


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One response to “Albums of 2012 #2: Grimes- Visions

  1. Astrid Thora

    I like grimes too but I don’t find her that unique she seems pretty standard for the music scene now.

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