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You may be aware that every year the BBC produces a list of 15 acts they think are going to make it big in the following year. It’s a pretty essencial list for anyone who follows new music and especially for bloggers.

Last year a bunch of bloggers from around the UK clubbed together and decided to make our own list, and to see the differences between our list and the BBC’s list, and to see whether or not we got it more or less right than the BBC. We’ve decided to do that again and this year we’ve got even more bloggers involved (49). Each blogger chose 5 acts and the results were all tallied up by Breaking More Waves and the top 15 are listed below. I hope you agree that it is a very strong list, and I look forward to seeing how it compares to the BBC one.

In January, a shortlist of 5 acts will be revealed along with our overall winner.






Laura Mvula

Palma Violets


Randolph’s Leap




The Neighbourhood

Tom Odell

We will now continue with my albums of the year and my own Ones to Watch posts will start shortly after that. There are quite a few similarities with this list!



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3 responses to “Blog Sound of 2013

  1. rich

    I just can’t see the relevance of a Blog Sound OF 2013, a supposed antidote to the BBC list, when this one is about as shit as the Beeb’s. If anyone out there would care to start an Alternative Blog Sounds of 2013 list with me, please get in touch. This list is just full of bland bands that have mostly got on the list because they have money behind them, which makes me wonder about the credibility of the people that designed the list….I mean Haim, for fuck’s sake. Why don’t we all just buy some belinda Carlisle?

    richgilb1969 at

  2. morgan

    The Neighbourhood is one of my favorite new bands of this year. Help them get to #1 artist by listening to their music in Spotify’s brand new Emerge App- they deserve to blow up even more than they are now!

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