Albums of 2012 #9: Taylor Swift- RED

I was very happy to see that The Guardian also included this record as one of their albums of the year. Taylor Swift is often overshadowed as a songwriter because of her teen stardom and chart success. What people forget is that this is a girl who was the youngest ever songwriter hired to Sony/ATV publishing house, even before she started performing as a solo artist. And that is still how I see Taylor. As a songwriter, and a wonderful one at that. She might not be pushing boundaries lyrically, she’s not doing any crazy shit, she’s simply writing incredibly catchy well crafted songs.

RED is, to me, her best record to date. It is not perfect in anyway, a little too long and with a couple of slightly crap songs mixed in with the great ones. If it was up to me I would get rid of about 5 of the tracks and re-shuffle the order of the record a bit (as I have done on my iTunes). If Taylor had done that, this record would probably be higher up the list.

But as it stands, it’s still very, very good. And I have still spent a lot of my time listening to it (on repeat), and falling in love, one song at a time.

If you have blacklisted this album because you have a personal vendetta against Taylor Swift, I urge you to give it a go. You may just surprise yourself.

Best tracks: State of Grace (acoustic), Begin Again, I Knew You Were Trouble, All Too Well


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