New Treat #145: Witch Hunt

This blog used to be Leeds based and I still believe that some of the best music in the UK starts in Leeds. Just look at Alt-J, who have had a fantastic year, and it all started at uni in Leeds. The music culture in Leeds in vibrant, but unlike London, it’s friendly and close-knit. There isn’t the same culture of only going to see bands who are ‘cool’ or ‘alternative’, and in general there is something much more honest about the whole scene. Plus, they really do have some awesome bands, such as this one, Witch Hunt.

Witch Hunt are a boy/girl duo made up of Louisa Osborn and Chris Mulligan. Their sound stands somewhere between shimmering haunting folk and female fronted alt-punk. Louisa’s voice is rich and haunting, perfectly accompanied by the sparkly guitar parts and the addition of Chris’ distant vocals brings them close to the style of Big Deal. Watch the gorgeous video of ‘Basements’ below to see what I mean. ‘Crawl’ is also stunning.

Their debut single ‘Chairman’ is released on December 3rd on Dead Young Records with the single launch taking place tonight at the Packhorse in Leeds (get on that if your in the north). And for the London-dwellers, they play a show at the Bedroom Bar in Shoreditch next Tuesday.


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