New Treat #144: Gambles

You may have noticed a track by Gambles posted on this blog last week. I left no comment, because I didn’t think it needed any. The music said it all. I don’t like writing New Treats unless a band has at least 2 tracks on the internet because declaring a band is great based on one song is a little irrational. Anyway, today Gambles posted another song, a cover song and it is again really quite good. So I write…

Gambles is Matthew Siskin, a web designer from New York who seems to know some cool people and designed Beyonce’s website. From his music you wouldn’t really guess any of that, and I must admit I was a little disappointed when I googled his name and discovered he had a not so mysterious real identity. He didn’t have a beard and live in a wooden boat in the lakes of Canada. His music is raw, honest and his voice is a rare one. The only original song of his online ‘Trust’ is the kind of thing I would want to listen to while on a train travelling though America at night when everything is still and simple.

He also keeps a Tumblr which might open your mind to his mind.

(since writing this post, Gambles has taken one of his tracks down from Soundcloud. Hopefully there will be more to come, and you’ll be the first to hear)


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  1. Steve Davis

    Gambles is great, I have really enjoyed listening to the songs that he has uploaded, another great place to find quality music of all different genres by upcoming artists is to visit Art Radio.

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