New Treat #143: Solange

Anyone who follows me on Twitter will know that I have been obsessed with Solange‘s ‘Losing You’ for sometime now. I have been saving putting her on the blog for some lists I will be writing soon which will be going up in December, but after hearing more of her tracks, I just couldn’t wait any longer, so Solange is up today.

Solange is the little sister of a little known singer called Beyonce? Heard of her? She makes some of the best pop music of the last two decades and her little sister looks to be following in her footprints, although the music has a very different vibe. Solange reminds me more of Beyonce back in the 90’s, Destiny’s Child era. But what it sounds even more like is Janet Jackson and all that great 80’s stuff which gets lost in the great cloud of 80’s shit.

So, Solange made a few albums a few years ago which I have very little to no interest in. But then she wrote this song alongside Dev Hynes (Blood Orange) called ‘Losing You’ and every blogger and critic around the world got a little bit excited. ‘Losing You’ is one of the best pop songs this decade. And the video is one of the best pop videos this decade. And Solange is no one hit wonder, her 7-track EP ‘True’ which was released today on Terrible Records shows she is a major promise for 2k13. The other highlight of the EP is ‘Lovers in the Parking Lot’, another KILLER tune. B-side to ‘Losing You’, ‘Sleep in the Park’ is also a personal fave.

I have a feeling this won’t be the last you hear from Solange.


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