New Treat #141: 9Mary

Last night I went to Sofar Sounds. It was my third Sofar gig and I always thoroughly enjoy the evenings and see a great host of talent. Last night their were 5 artists, Dancing Years (previously called Joseph & David), SGB, George Ezra, Wolf Alice and my highlight of the evening and the one I am about to write about, 9Mary.

9Mary is the work of 17 year old Flo Morrissey. Last night as she performed her songs, I think the whole room was astonished at the maturity in her voice for someone who looked so young. She instantly reminded me of Karen Dalton. Hints of Joni Song to a Seagull-era and Josephine Foster also are apparent in her music, as are more modern influences such as Cocorosie and Antony and the Johnsons. She performed a cover of the latter of those bands, the divine ‘Hope there’s Someone’, which was the highlight of her set. She made the song her own while still keeping the haunting sadness of the song present. Her own material is also shows so much promise for this young artist. ‘If You Can’t Love this All Goes Away’ the first of the tracks below, is incredibly beautiful melodically and another of my favourites ‘Show Me’ is also below.

9Mary released her debut EP ‘Fear No More’ at the end of last year and you can stream many of her songs on both her Soundcloud and Youtube.

I’m sure this won’t be the last time you hear about 9Mary on Flying with Anna. Big fan.



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2 responses to “New Treat #141: 9Mary

  1. Rob

    Really different! I like ‘If you can’t Love this All Goes Away’…Thanks for for the steer, will definitely keep an eye out for 9Mary!

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