New Treat #138: GEMS

My inbox isn’t being very kind to me recently. I have a continuous stream of good and bad music which lands in my email account each day and every few days I sift through it all. Some is terrible, most is average and some is actually good. For the last couple of weeks the average category seems to be getting bigger and bigger. However, bands like GEMS show that all hope is not lost. The boy-girl duo from Washington recently recorded the song ‘Void Moon’ on an empty beach house on Outer Banks, NC. They were evacuated from recording due to Hurricane Sandy and the darkness and brooding storm comes through in the feeling of the track.

The duo which is made up of Lindsey Pitts and Clifford John have spent the last few years living a nomadic lifestyle. They have been writing songs together for years but have only just got round to sharing them. I suspect these beautiful tracks will be appreciated by many and I hope they have more yet to come.



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