Christopher Owens- Lysandre

Ex-Girls frontman Christopher Owens has announced details of his debut solo record. It shall be called ‘Lysandre’ after a girl he met and fell in love with in Paris, back in 2008. The whole record is based on the first ever Girls tour and his love affair with Lysandre. In Christopher’s own words it is “a coming of age story, a road trip, a love story”. Lovely hey.

The cover and everything was also shot by the wonderful Ryan McGinley (who has previously worked with Sigur Ros, Bat For Lashes and produces his own incredible work).

From the offerings already on the net from the new record, it sounds like it’s all going to be a lot more stripped back, and almost medieval sounding in places with the instrumentation including flutes and a lot of finger picking guitar. I am not a massive fan of the first recorded track ‘Lysandre’s Theme/Here we Go‘ but I do really like the three acoustic videos filmed in a Las Vegas hotel by Pitchfork.

The record will be released in January. I am very much looking forward to hearing it.



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