Tom Odell- Songs from Another Love

Last Monday I went to the Slaughtered Lamb, a tiny and very lovely venue in London, to see one of my favourite new artists, Tom Odell. It was a fan show, and tickets were all free but selected through a ticket draw. I was very excited to see the talented 21 year old after seeing the performance of ‘Can’t Pretend’ on one of his YouTube videos. I went with high expectations and definitely did not leave disappointed. His set was brilliant, engaging throughout, performed passionately and his band were incredibly tight. I am so impressed with his songwriting, I think he is one of the best male songwriters we’ve had for a while. His songs sound classic, timeless, and that is so special.

Today Tom Odell releases his debut EP ‘Songs from Another Love’ a 4-track spectacular showcase of his talents. From the catchy opening ‘Another Love’, to the gentle beauty of ‘Sense’, and the epic build of ‘Can’t Pretend’. The forth track is a demo of a song called ‘Stay Tonight’ which sees Odell ditch the piano for a brooding acoustic guitar, his vocal has that same raw power and passion that Marcus Mumford performs with. You can buy the EP from iTunes for only £1.99 here. It will also be released on 7″ vinyl in the next few weeks.

Tom Odell has burst onto the music scene with a very strong start, and I think things are only going to get better and better for him.


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