New Treat #134: Sky Ferreira

Sky Ferreira‘s name has been around for ages. But it’s only recently that I have been brought to the attention of the music from her rather good new EP ‘Ghost’. In comparison to her old stuff, Ghost gives Sky Ferreira her own sound. Back in 2010 she released a song called ‘One’ which was a bit terrible, and your typical dance-pop track which you get from zillions of American artists. However, she didn’t release an album of this sound, she continued to develop as an artist until now, when she has released this EP.

The lead single from the EP ‘Everything is Embarrassing’ is the highlight and in the homemade looking video she comes across as a young Madonna. The song has an incredibly current sound, it’s not surprising that Pitchfork love it but it’s also catchy and essencial a pop song. In ‘Red Lips’ she reminds me of a young Courtney Love although I sense that is where she gets a lot of her style inspiration from. This is a world away from the first track ‘Sad Dream’ which has a country feel to it.

Below you can listen to the continuous steam of the ‘Ghost’ EP. I hope you enjoy it!


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