New Treat #133: Honeyblood

Has anyone seen the film ’10 Things I Hate About You’? Well, Honeyblood remind me of the kind of thing Julia Stiles’ character would like (I hope they do not take this as a bad thing- she does bag Heath Ledger after all). What I mean by that is that it’s angsty, grungy, feminist friendly rock-n-roll. But it’s still girlie, melodious and 90’s sounding. Their best track ‘Super Rat’ is a pretty incredible break-up song, quite different from the Laura Marling generation’s unusual picks. These girls sing ‘I will hate you forever’, and ‘You really do disgust me’ which is quite a refreshing change from the usual moaning and crying (although I do love that stuff too).

Honeyblood is made up of Stina and Rah, 2 girls from Glasgow. I think what they are doing is pretty bloody brilliant. Their sound is timeless, and it’s really really good. I can’t imagine it will be long before NME pick up on this and the rest of them follow lead.


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