New Treat #129: Tom Odell

When I discover a new artist, you usually get two types of outputs. The first is the homegrown, no manager, no label output. These artists have poor press shots and videos, don’t really seem to know what they are doing, but are armed with heaps of demos, self releases and are gigging every night in of the week to try and get themselves noticed. The other type is like Tom Odell. Tom is very new to the world of music. He only has 500 likes on Facebook and you can only listen to 2 of his songs online. Yet he is already signed to Columbia with a management company, PR and booking agent behind him which has helped him get slots such as supporting Jake Bugg on tour and playing Festival No. 6.

The thing I find odd about these two types of artists, is there doesn’t really seem to be a whole heap of difference in the quality of the music. For both categories, some of it is crap, some is OK and some is AMAZING. The AMAZING stuff usually does get snapped up by a label, sooner or later, take Lucy Rose who was gigging for years and years before a label signed her. This for Lucy has meant that she has allowed her sound time to develop and mature. I have followed her for years and years and haven’t got bored of what she does. She has stayed on her own terms, not rushed into anything, and made it work.

Tom Odell has done the opposite to Lucy. He is too AMAZING. His sound is organic, beautifully crafted and not at all chart worthy. But he’s already signed. And what that means for him will be interesting to see. But for now, enjoy these beautiful tracks he has to offer. I want to cry at ‘Sense’.


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  1. Cindi

    It sucks because I am obsessed with Tom, and he has no concerts in NY, where I live, I wish I could meet him 😦

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