New Treat #126: Joe Robbins

It’s been a while since I’ve been blown away by a new artist. Like completely knocked off my feet, head over heels, instant love. It’s been a while, too long. Thank god for Joe Robbins. Who did just that when a video of his landed in my inbox. This guy is really, really, really talented. He reminds me of Jeff Buckley or Matt Corby. Joe Robbins can sing, he sings with power and with passion. Of the two well recorded songs on his YouTube site, Slow Down sees him accompanied by a ghostly grungy guitar. The other track ‘Down the Middle’ by a floating piano. Both work incredibly well and it will be interesting to see where he takes both styles.

Joe is currently living in London and is gigging a few times over the winter month. Catch this young man while you can, if talent equals success, then he’s got great, great things coming.


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One response to “New Treat #126: Joe Robbins

  1. He is fantastic. He played at one of our music nights at floripa in shoreditch. I’ve never seen an audience go quiet as quick as they did when he was on stage. Incredible talent. I was chatting to him him about his Buckley style he had. He had only heard of Jeff Buckley a year ago which I thought was brilliant. Great to see he is getting more exposure.

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