Summer Series Countdown Part 3: Hella Better Dancer

Hella Better Dancer finish off tomorrow’s gig and also the whole of my Summer Series. I think this band are really exciting. Their music is bluesy, grungy, dreamy and sometimes folky but ultimately it’s just really good. At the beginning of this year they released an EP called ‘Living Room EP’ which is quite a wonderful introduction to the band and quite an astonishing listen considering it was home recorded, and self produced through a laptop using no studio equipment. It’s nice to see a young band working hard, and releasing really really good stuff without the help of a label or any PR people.

Have a listen to the whole EP below and come see them!

Hella Better Dancer plays alongside Jodie Goffe and Like Spinning at the Gallery Cafe in Bethnal Green. Tickets are £4 in advance, available from WeGotTickets. Or £5 on the door. Join the Facebook page for more information.


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