Summer Series Countdown Part 3: Alice Jemima

I have written so much about Alice Jemima, I feel a bit silly introducing her to you again. But incase you are crazy and haven’t given her a listen yet, this is your chance. Alice is a bit of a UK blog crush. First heavily supported by Breaking More Waves and then leaking out into the rest of the blog world, she is now a firm favourite for me and many others. When you listen to her music it’s obvious why. She’s quirky and credible, a brilliant songwriter with a unique voice and great musicianship. Yet she also has heaps of commercial appeal. She’s got that special crossover thing which is pretty rare.

She is also rather wonderful live and so I invited her along to play my Summer Series and I am very excited to have her. I could go on and on and on, but instead, have a listen below and come and see her play!

Alice plays alongside Greta Isaac, Low Moon Low and Wildeflower on Wednesday 22nd August in the garden of the gallery cafe in Bethnal Green. You can join the Facebook page here and get tickets here.


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