Summer Series Countdown Part 4: Emily & the Woods

It’s tomorrow! I hope you are now very educated about what to expect from my Summer Series. But if you need a little bit more persuading to come along, this should do it! The wonderful Emily & the Woods!

Emily first appeared on my blog way back in September 2010 as New Treat #25! Back then she had a number of rough recordings on myspace recorded with Laura Marling which were starting to spark a bit of attention. Over the past two years she has blossomed as an artist playing live shows at Glastonbury festival and clocking up an incredible 1 million views on her ‘Steal his Heart’ video. Yet she still remains her lovely down to earth self, gigging constantly and continuing to perfect her live shows.

I am forever in love with her voice and am very very happy to have her playing in the garden of the Gallery Cafe tomorrow evening!

Emily plays alongside Eliza Shaddad, Henry Skewes and Brooke Sharkey.

Grab your tickets for the gig here for only £4! And visit the Facebook event here.


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