New Treat #124: WILSEN

So I’ve just had a bit of a rant on twitter how bands need to stop putting their band name in capital letters/adding a random triangles and thinking it’s really cool. And despite that rant, I am now going to write about WILSEN (capitals essencial). As you may expect from the super cool capital letter band name, the band are from Brooklyn and have a very mysterious output. What I do know is that they have a well trendy car, possibly rehearse in a wooden barn and thankfully I also know what there faces look like (-1 point on the trendy scale for WILSEN).

They also make rather nice music which doesn’t fit into the ‘trendy’ or ‘rad’ categories but instead into the ‘beautiful’ and ‘pretty’ ones. Their debut album is called Sirens and is already up to listen to online. The lead single ‘Dusk’ is the standout highlight. A soft and gentle torch song, it sounds chilled out and well produced. ‘House on a Hill’ is another favourite, the whistling melody is gorgeous. The rest of the record is of a similar feel, floating, a little Daughter-ish in places, a little Sharon Van Etten in others, and with the odd upbeat track such as blues influenced ‘Lady Jane’ the record completes itself as a beautiful listen. Have a listen for yourself and see what you think. I have posted a couple of my favourite tracks below.



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2 responses to “New Treat #124: WILSEN

  1. edie4me

    Nice! Sometimes I hear the singer affecting an English accent, especially on ‘House on a Hill’, or maybe she is actually English? By the way, I discovered Hypem and spent a while perusing music blogs there. Didn’t find anything even half as good as yours.

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