New Treat #120: Tashaki Miyaki

The best things happen when you least expect them right? That’s what happened with this band, LA based Tashaki Miyaki who formed after a spontaneous late night jam. Their music does still sound like a late night jam session, its a bit messy, unpolished and slack but that’s the beauty of it. ‘Best Friend’ the bands first single sounds like a mixture of 1960’s Mamas and Papas and Mazzy Star. Their 2011 EP features 5 tracks and then alt. versions of 3 of those tracks. The first versions have a bit of a Best Coast feel, lo-fi, grunge. And the alt versions are more stripped back showcasing the quality of the songwriting more.

The band head over to the UK in July to play a selection of dates including a free Rough Trade East instore on 23rd July and Birthdays in Dalston on 26th July.


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  1. edie4me

    Oooo, this hits the spot. When I was trying to get myself to like Warpaint, I think I wanted them to sound more like this.

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