Lisa Mitchell- Spiritus EP

Lisa Mitchell has bloomed and blossomed as an artist over the last few years. This EP has finally hit the nail on the head for me. It’s official. She’s incredible. ‘Spiritus’ the title track from the EP is already one of my songs of the summer. I didn’t expect the rest of the EP to quite match up to the genius of this song but I was ever so wrong. None of the other tracks have that joyous, summery, uplifting feeling. But what they do have is everlasting beauty. They are gentle, sweet, thoughtful and rich in poetic lyrics.

As noted on the inside cover of the CD case, Spiritus is the latin term for Breath, life, or Spirit. This record is a beautiful tribute to love, travelling and joyfulness. I have had it for a few hours and it has already given me bounds of love and joy. I recommend you give it a listen too.

Below are two of the tracks from the EP. It has not yet been released in the UK yet but you can get it shipped over from Australia via Amazon here.


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