New Treat #118: Ms Mr

Not too dissimilar to my last New Treat, Ms Mr are a Boy/Girl duo with a lot of mystery surrounding them and a number of very strong tracks. They are from New York and are signed to London label Chess Club, who have previously released records from Kyla La Grange and Mumford & Sons. It’s a good label fit when you listen to the music. Like Kyla, it’s quite dark and woozy and fronted by a very strong female singer. And like Mumford it’s got a pop edge, you can imagine this being in the charts but also popular in the underground scenes. Chart potential with credibility is a rare thing and something which I think this duo could achieve.

‘Hurricane’ is by far their strongest track and has already clocked 179,500 listens on Soundcloud and it comes with a fuzzy video made up of found footage and vintage images. Well you gotta have one of those to be a hype band don’t you? You can currently download the song from their website.


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