New Treat #117: Noosa

When I clicked play on the track ‘Walk On By’, it was pretty much instant love. The song comes from a duo from New York, who call themselves Noosa. They make interesting pop music fronted by the voice of Sky Barbarick. They have just released there first ever EP which you can purchase off iTunes if you like.

The music on the EP is all pop yet it skips from happy, sunshine songs to Regina Spektor style piano ballads. The first track ‘Walk On By’ opens with heavy piano chords and a woozyly gorgeous vocal line. Listen below and I think you might understand what I mean by instant love. The lush strings soon enter and the song becomes rich, moving and enchanting. ‘Sail’ offers quite a contrast, it’s proper pop in sunshiney kind of way. ‘Fear of Love’ is different again, with its heavy electronic backbone which gives across a more Alpines or Niki & the Dove like feel. It’s an epic dance tune, and one of the highlights of the EP. ‘Light Rays’ is back to the happy sunshine stuff but its more melancholy than ‘Sails’. The last track ‘Mirrors in the Moonlight’ is another gem. It begins with ghostly faded vocals and is a much darker and more laid back track than the ones before it. Still, a beautiful end to the EP.

Noosa are a brand new band and this EP shows them experimenting with different genres. It will be interesting to see where they go next, I can only hope we get more of the lushness of ‘Walk On By’. You can listen to the whole EP here.


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