Been Listening #12

I haven’t done a Been Listening post since March, simply because it hasn’t been appropriate to. But now it is, so here is what I’ve been listening to recently.

Beach House- Bloom

I love this record. Really love it. It is a huge grower, so if you haven’t got into it yet, give it time. It isn’t as bright and summery as Teen Dream, but it’s darker, woozier and sounds more mature. The song above is the first song from the record I really fell in love with.

Jessie Ware- 100%

I couldn’t make up my mind about Jessie Ware when she burst onto the scene, I’m still not that into ‘Running’ but this song is great. Her album is due soon and I think it could be interesting. I like her take on pop music.

Berry- Les Passagers

While I was in Holland I went to a record shop in Amsterdam called ‘Concerto’. It was almost definitely the best record shop I have ever been in and they even had Hannah Cohen’s ‘Child Bride’ as a recommended album which made me very happy. This album was another one of their recommended albums which I listened to briefly on the big headphones they have hanging on the wall. It’s very 60’s sounding, very Serge Gainsberg, but maybe that’s just the French thing.

Rae Morris- For You

I recently received a Rae Morris EP in the post. It is made up of three tracks with lush arrangements and an all together crisper sound than her earlier demos. The highlight of the EP is the title track ‘For You’ which is just gorgeous. I can’t find the exact version I want to show you but this is close. You can buy the physical EP here.

Roo Panes- Indigo Home

Roo Panes is becoming quite a regular on this blog. He has just released the song ‘Indigo Home’ as a single on iTunes and I think it is quite simply the best thing he has ever done. The string arrangements, provided by the Langley Sisters are incredible. Go and buy it on iTunes and listen to the acoustic version above.

Erasmo Carlos- Masculino, Feminino

Today I have been listening to a mixtape made by Hannah Cohen of Brazilian music from the 60s and 70s. I have gotten really into it and this is my favourite track at the moment. Listen to the whole thing here.

I hope that pleases you this Sunday eve!


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