New Treat #112: Marika Hackman

I do love a bit of female fronted folk. However there is a lot of dull and uninteresting stuff out there, thankfully there is also some gems and this is another one. Marika Hackman is a 20-year old singer songwriter, originally from Hampshire but now living in Brighton. She is also one of Burburry’s new Eyeware campaign models along with musicians from bands like One Night Only and The Daydream Club.

Her track ‘Here I Am’ has a very snazzy video featuring her and a cello player in a dark room wearing some Burberry sunglasses. But strip all that back, and the song is very beautiful. She reminds me a lot of Sibylle Baier, both with her guitar style and her voice. There is a simplicity to her voice, it sounds untouched and I really like that.

Her debut EP is due out this month, I am looking forward to hearing her develop.


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