Festival Preview: Bushstock

Festival #3 of the year and one in quite a similar style to #1 and #2. Like Camden Crawl and Great Escape, Bushstock is one of those multi-venue inner city festivals where you run around trying to see as many bands as possible. Unlike CC and TGE, Bushstock is much carmer, less stressful and a lot folkier. It’s not overcrowded, you probably won’t have to queue and with only 4 venues, there is little chance of you getting lost. However, the difficulty arrives when deciding who to see, as the bill is ram-packed with amazing artists. I’m gonna give you a bit of help, so here is a Flying with Anna guide to 2012’s Bushstock festival.

1:30-2 David McCaffrey- St. Stephens Church

Start your day at the best venue of the festival with the delightful David McCaffrey. A previous New Treat on the blog, I am so impressed with David’s nack for melodies paired with his lush voice.

2:30-3 Mahalia- St. Stephens Church

Next up I’d stay put in St. Stephens church for little known singer-songwriter Mahalia. I don’t know much about this girl, except she’s 14 and could be quite a treat. Her voice has soulful qualities and her songwriting is way beyond her years.

3-3:30 Rae Morris- Defectors Weld

One of your absolute must sees of the festival should definitely be Miss Rae Morris. This girl is such a talent and pretty much blows every member of her audience away when she plays live. Plus she is destined for big big things, so catch her while you can.

4:30-5:10 Raghu Dixit- St. Stephens Church

Mix your day up a bit, get out of the folky zone and see some cracking Indo world music with Bangalore’s own Raghu Dixit. Guaranteed to put a smile on anyones face.

5-5:30 Joe Banfi- Defectors Weld

Someone I’d definitely keep an eye and an ear out for is Sheffield based Joe Banfi. This young chap makes music with the ghostly qualities of Daughter and the power and pop sensibilities of Ben Howard. A very beautiful live show.

5:30-6 Sarah Jarosz- St. Stephens Church

This is yet another must see of the festival. Over again from Boston, I’ve heard nothing but good things about her Bush Hall show last summer. Sarah Jarosz and her band make the most gorgeous country music with remarkable musicianship. This is gonna be a special set.

6-6:30 Alessi’s Ark- Defectors Weld

It’s been forever since I’ve seen Alessi. She never fails to give a loveable, quirky live set with her beautiful tales of Ribbon Lakes and Hummingbirds.

7:45- 8:15 Lanterns on the Lake- St. Stephens Church

And yet ANOTHER must see of Bushstock (yes there are too many). Lanterns on the Lake in St. Stephens church is a match made in heaven. Their luscious rich haunting sounds will send shivers down your spine and leave a tear in your eye.

8:45-9:15 Pale Seas- Shepherds Bar

I managed to miss Pale Seas at Great Escape (very sad) but shall be catching their set this weekend. If you don’t already know Pale Seas then you are missing out on a lot and I insist you catch up pronto.

10-11 Daughter- St. Stephens Church

Last year Daughter played St. Stephens Church at Bushstock but they were on much earlier in the day, second on the bill I think. This weekend they are headlining the stage which shows you just how far they have come in 1 year. Having just signed to 4AD, who knows where they will be this time next year, but I predict dizzy heights. Catch them this weekend for a guaranteed beautiful show and see a band fast on the rise.

Then be prepared to dance the night away! The line-up also includes Mystery Jets, Marcus Foster and Fink. To see the full line-up and buy tickets visit www.bushstock.co.uk


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