New Treat #110: MØ

Scandinavians really do get the electro-pop thing 100% perfect.  is another lady who is beautiful, talented, creative and effortlessly cool. Her music has more of a hip-hop dance feel than the likes of Amanda Mair and Lykke Li, but still has that gorgeously unique and strong vocal, electronic beats and catchy melodies. MØ is Karen Marie Ørsted, the project was born in 2009 after she felt a need to express herself musically. Her first single ‘Maiden’ begins with a repeated summer Vampire Weekend-ish guitar riff and has a quite addictive quality about it. The song is her first single and will be out soon on Danish label Lifted House. A album is expected in the summer.

Her demo tracks are also very strong, I particularly like ‘Longing Bird’.



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