Great Escape Review: Saturday

I started my Saturday off at the Fishbowl with O. Chapman. It was lovely and chilled, I would have loved a sofa and a hot drink to go perfectly with his music!

My evening began in Coalition, with Aiden Grimshaw. This is a bit of a weird one for me. A couple of years ago Aiden was on the X Factor. He was dark and moody and not very ‘popstar’ ish, and so got booted off. Anyway, in my opinion he was and still is the best ever X Factor contestant. A couple of weeks back he released a new song online which was to be his first single. I didn’t like it and I still don’t. But I went to see him because I wanted to see what else he had to offer. Unfortunately it was much of the same. Kinda dark dancey pop music. A LOT of people are gonna love it, I can see it appealing to critics and 18 year old clubbers alike. It’s just not for me. He’s a good performer though, still moody but I like that. I wish the new songs showed off his voice a bit more, because that boy can sing.

After that I did the same thing I did on Friday and decided to spend my night waiting for a ‘buzz band’. Tonight was Alabama Shakes. I arrived over 2 hours before they were meant to go on stage and the queue was right down the street. Everyone predicted this was going to be busy and they were right. Thank god for my delegate pass, I got in pretty quickly.

The evening was presented by Rough Trade records, so I had a feeling it was going to be good. On the way in I walked past Nick Cave so not a bad start. Nick and a whole lot of other people, were all at the show to see Palma Violets. A brand new band from London, who have apparently already been signed to Rough Trade despite having nothing recorded online, except a very shabby video. There set was insanely good for such a young band. The songs are proper pop songs, the sort you find on 80’s film soundtracks. The lead singers voice is low and beautiful and the whole atmosphere of the band is wild and electric. The audience responded and it was an incredible gig which the band seemed very grateful of. If Palma Violets aren’t huge this time next year then i’ll eat my words.

Howler were up next which was a bit average, not bad, but nothing special. And then for the mighty mighty Alabama Shakes. I had seen them before but I think this performance was actually better. Brittany Howard puts her heart and soul into every word she sings and it comes across amazingly. When this band play live it’s like the whole world shakes. The day before I had been to a talk where Michael Eavis and Rob Da Bank were talking about who the next big festival headliners are and Alabama Shakes are certainly in the running for that title in my books. One of the best live bands to emerge in years. And an amazing way to end the Great Escape 2012.

See you next year?


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