Great Escape Preview: Thursday

I head off to the Great Escape in 2 days time and I am very excited to say the least. The Great Escape is hands down the best new music festival in the UK. The only problem is who is see! As there is so many amazing acts playing, and this year is no exception. This is the first of 3 posts with my recommendations of who to see at this years festival. Lets start with Thursday…

Hannah Cohen

If you haven’t already seen my love for Hannah Cohen on this blog then your probably not a regular. This girl has made my album of the year so far. A stunning, ghostly collection of beautifully sung and arranged songs. She will be playing the Great Escape with Doveman and is my No. 1 must see of the festival.


I saw Friends a couple of weeks ago in London and they were so good. Quirky, 90’s influenced sounds with great stage presence.


This should be interesting to see. I expect a beautiful set from the German songstress.

Gross Magic

Brighton based Gross Magic will be right at home when they support Mystery Jets in the Corn Exchange. Looking forward to catching their grungy, pop sounds live.

Oliver Tank

Big fan of this man. Folktronica at it’s finest.

Tickets for the Great Escape are still on sale from here and if you don’t already have yours, then what are you doing!?


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