Great Escape Preview: Friday

Friday is the day where I think my Great Escape could get a little bit wild. SO many good bands to see. I’ve limited this post to 5 bands, but follow me on Twitter for updates all day of who I am running around trying to catch.

Wild Belle

Looking forward to this! I love their reggae pop sounds and looking forward to seeing how it comes across live.

Rae Morris

This girl is incredible, such a lot of talent for someone so young. Catch her while you can.


I have fallen in love with Grimes’ song Genesis so am really hoping I can see it live this week. Plus she’s so interesting.

Lianne La Havas

I still haven’t see Lianne La Havas live despite falling in love with her Lost & Found EP.

Pale Seas

Pale Seas are great, and a lot of people are starting to realise that, so see them now while you can.

Go and get your tickets for The Great Escape here. Saturdays recommendations coming tomorrow.



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3 responses to “Great Escape Preview: Friday

  1. gregbayney

    Thanks for posting the La Havas track.

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  3. So in love with Wild Belle. Their music is right up my alley with it’s reggae beat, 60’s vibe, and sultry vocals. Can’t wait to see them live!

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